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26 May 2015 - Need Help?
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  Struggling with Issues concerning bullying? Don't know where to turn?  Here are some valuable places that offer the support you may need:                   Australia Wide:     Beyond Blue click here Australian Councelling Association. click here To find a councellor in your area.   Relationships Australia. click here ( Childrens Contact Service)   Find Phycologist ( Right Hand Corner ) click here Lifeline click here   Kids Helpline click here   Suicide Prevention click here Magic Tools  click here       "Never Be Afraid to Speak Up"      read more...

20 March 2015 - Make a Donation or Fundraise
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      If you'd like to make a donation, to help keep Olivia's story alive, and allow us to continue our work, please choose one of the options below:                                                                                                                Help a good cause with our fundraising ventures                               read more...

20 March 2015 - Thank You for Donating!
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Thank you so much for making a donation towards Angels 4 Olivia - it's very much appreciated!   //  read more...

19 February 2015 - Keep Olivia's Story Alive
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      Olivia shared her struggles. Though dealing with issues in her own life, she still reached out to so many people also suffering. In Olivia's own words she told us 'you are strong, you are brave you will get through this I promise'. Her story lives on if we listen. Olivia also urged us to 'Please talk to your friends when they show signs of mental illness, because you can save their life!' She knew the answers. Bullying was what Olivia identified as the cause of her problems. Her message is simple and clear; bullying has severe impact on victims. In her read more...

19 February 2015 - Tell us Your Story
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    If your loved one or you are being bullied, Angels Hope are here to help. We are an anti-bullying organisation which was formed by a family who saw the impact that bullying can cause we tackle the issue of bullying from all angles, from peer to peer grass roots school programs, working alongside schools, education institutions and officials, online support, support services, through to workshops, education programs and communications, with the aim of making a impact on the devastating statistics of mental health and suicide on our youth and adelecents.      FILL OUT THIS FORM TO TELL US YOUR STORY!. //   We are read more...

31 July 2014 - Remembering Olivia
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Please share your dedications in remembering Olivia, through comments, pictures, poems and YouTube dedications. Please feel free to post in below social platform. //  read more...


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