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Keep Olivia's Story Alive





Olivia shared her struggles. Though dealing with issues in her own life, she still reached out to so many people also suffering. In Olivia's own words she told us 'you are strong, you are brave you will get through this I promise'. Her story lives on if we listen. Olivia also urged us to 'Please talk to your friends when they show signs of mental illness, because you can save their life!' She knew the answers.


Bullying was what Olivia identified as the cause of her problems. Her message is simple and clear; bullying has severe impact on victims. In her own words 'if you are ever thinking about bullying someone don't. Because you could ruin their life'. Her wish, to put an end to bullying.

Her tragedy is what got our attention, but her message is forever. If we put into action what she asked, her wishes are granted. Her memory will not be in vein. Let her life be a daily reminder to us all to support each other as she did to others, and to remain strong.

Let us honour her message by remembering to be kinder to each other, and to ourselves. She knew if people listen, lives will be saved. All that needs to be said has been said; it's time to listen.